Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Payoneer


Payoneer provides digital payment and online money transfer services worldwide. It’s preferred by most businesses and freelancers who send or receive payments in exchange for services. Payoneer guarantees low transfer fees, fast payments and ease of cash withdrawal.

Payoneer serves both business and personal purposes. As a business owner, you can use it to receive payment into a dollar or euro local currency account. You can use it to shop online and receive payment from online freelance or affiliate marketplaces. 


Why You Should Use Payoneer?

You might have heard about Payoneer but have no idea why you should create a Payoneer account. What are the key benefits and advantages of using Payoneer? Check them below.

  • A virtual US and UK bank account 

Opening Payoneer account grants you access to 3 foreign bank accounts dominated in dollars, pounds, and euros. This amazing benefit helps you receive payment from foreign clients who wish to send it to you via bank or wire transfer. This is particularly useful for large amounts and can be withdrawn to your local bank account or Payoneer MasterCard. 

  • You can shop online 

Online shopping is fun and Payoneer helps you send money for goods easily without exposing your debit or credit card information. It’s the same as shopping with PayPal or bitcoin. It’s so secure and allows you to make low-cost purchases. If you need to buy web hosting or domain names for your business, you can use Payoneer to pay.

  • Withdraw your money anywhere 

There are lots of ways for you to withdraw your money. You can link your local bank account or get a Payoneer Mastercard. The Payoneer Mastercard works with any ATM that accepts Mastercard. You don’t need to convert anything as Payoneer lets you withdraw the money in your local currency. Payoneer charges $3 for each withdrawal you make so you might have to withdraw substantial amounts so as not to incur more charges. You can even sell your Payoneer funds and collect cash or bank transfer from the person. 

  • Recieve US and UK Adsense payments 

Bloggers can collect US and UK Adsense payment by linking the virtual foreign account given to you by Payoneer. You just copy the correct bank details and paste when setting up your Adsense payment method. When you reach the payment threshold, Google Adsense will send your money to your Payoneer and it will reflect in your dashboard. Then, you can withdraw however you want to. 

  • Link Payoneer to your PayPal 

You can link Payoneer to your PayPal account. This works especially for people whose countries have been restricted or limited from accessing full features of PayPal. You can create a US or UK PayPal account with a virtual US phone number, virtual home address and virtual foreign bank. The foreign bank account is the one provided by Payoneer and you can easily withdraw your PayPal money from there. 

  • Supported by many platforms

Pioneer has grown into a platform that is now accepted by big companies and freelancer sites. It’s being included as a payment method for many major websites out there. If you are a freelancer, marketer, blogger or affiliate, Payoneer would prove to be very useful. You can receive your payments from different sites and track just how much you have earned. 


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