PayPal Friends and Family Vs PayPal Goods and Services: The difference between them

Not everyone knows the difference between the two types of PayPal funds: Family and friends(FnF), and Goods and Services(GnS). You might have tried to sell your PayPal funds in Nigeria and the buyer asks you if your funds are Fnf or GnS. You then wonder what the difference is. Most people get confused about it. They often find out sometimes that some buyers only buy Fnf and not GnS. By now, you should know that there’s a lot of difference between PayPal FnF and GnS. Let’s discuss both PayPal accounts, what it is used for and how you can use it. 


PayPal Friends and Family(Fnf)


This is the PayPal account that lets you send funds as friends and family. When creating a PayPal account, you are asked to select one of the two account types. Business or Personal. If you picked a personal account, you will have both the features of FnF and GnS on your account. Therefore, you can send PayPal funds as friends and family or goods and services with it. 


PayPal Goods and Services 


A PayPal GnS account lets you buy goods and services online. You are not allowed to send money as Fnf. If you selected business when you created your PayPal account, it means your account cannot send funds as Family and friends(FnF).


Benefits of each PayPal account


You might be wondering why most PayPal buyers in Nigeria seem to prefer PayPal FnF. It’s because money sent from PayPal cannot be reversed. Once the money is sent, the sender will not be able to get it back. 


If you want to buy goods and services online, it’s best you open PayPal Business(GnS). You can always request a refund if you didn’t receive your goods or services and if you were not satisfied. 


Most PayPal funds buyers only accept Fnf because the sellers can send the money and then request a refund even when they have been reimbursed into their local bank accounts. In order to avoid this scam, the majority of PayPal fund buyers tend to buy just FnF funds. 


How To Know If The PayPal Fund is FnF or GnS?


When you receive some money into your account, it’s quite tricky to determine if it was sent as FnF or GnS. But it’s possible to recognize what type of fund it is. Here are three ways to tell FnF apart from GnS when you receive it. 


  • When you receive the payment, check the details. If the transaction fee shows $0.00, it means it was a gift(FnF fund). This may not always be correct because sometimes when people send mass payment, there’s usually no fee. So to be sure it was a gift, click the link that says “Issue a refund”. If it was a gift, under “Refund amount” it displayed these words; (Partial refunds are not available for personal payments or for transactions marked as pending). So far it’s not a pending transaction, it was definitely a gift. And also, if you notice that you can make a refund, then it’s not an FnF fund. 


  • The second way to tell if you received FnF or GnS is through the billing address. Any payment sent as FnF will not include billing address. So if you can see a billing address, it was sent as Goods and services(GnS). 


  • The last way to distinguish FnF fund from GnS or vice versa is through PayPal charges. If you received payment and got charged, it just means that it was a GnS fund. If your payment didn’t incur any charge, then its FnF. With family and friends funds, the sender will still be charged but the receiver won’t bear the cost of any charges. 




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