How To Start A Consulting Business In 2020


Do you want to start a consulting business but have no clue about what to do? If you have the passion and drive, you can become a consultant. The most important thing is to be educated about the subject you are consulting in. Basically, anyone who is literate can be a consultant. You just need to bring your uniqueness to the table.


Different Areas of Consulting 

You may need to take a look at the different types of consulting. Here are some of them:

  • Insurance consulting. 
  • Taxes consulting.
  • General business consulting.
  • Human resources consulting.
  • Communications consulting.
  • Technology consulting.
  • Editorial services consulting.
  • Business writing consulting.
  • Accounting consulting. 
  • Marketing consulting. 
  • Public relations consulting. 
  • Advertising consulting


How To Start A Consulting Business


  • Choose Your Niche

You have to identify and adopt your niche when starting a consulting business. You could have a lot of knowledge about a certain area but others do too. Becoming a specialist will enable you to carve a space for yourself. Working within a narrowed down niche will help position yourself better. Focus on a tiny little space and expand on it to get the broader view. The deeper you look, the more you’ll find. 

With that being said, you should know your target market. What audience are you serving? Within a niche, there’s a specific type of person who will patronize you. Understand their needs, pains, struggles and how to get them to notice you. Discovering your niche should be easy. It may be the area you have so much knowledge about. It could also be a niche that is fun, exciting and feels so natural for you.


  • Create Your Brand Identity

As an independent consultant, you need to build your brand. It helps you establish a level of professionalism. Clients must perceive you as an expert before you can earn their trust. This is why you have to create a strong brand identity.

Your logo and other brand images have to be top-notch. Investing in a good designer will affect your business positively. You have to make sure that every infographic you put out portrays professionalism. Your brand name has to be catchy and unique. As a consultant, your reputation depends on whether your clients think you and your services are credible.


  • The Business Aspects 

There are few business things to go over when setting up your consultancy business. You have to think about important procedures that are involved. Like every other business, you have to choose a business structure, register a business name and fill all required documents. If you are the sole owner, you should consider the sole proprietorship legal structure. Consider going to a lawyer for help with contracts and agreement documents. 


  • Determine The Startup Costs

When starting a consulting business, you have to evaluate what purchases and investments you have to make. You have to take into consideration things like brand designs, business registration fees, rent for office space(if you want one), marketing and advertising costs, and basic requirements(Internet, equipment, software).

You will be able to assume your consultation fees when you know your operating costs. You have to add some profits to your charges too. Sustaining a business isn’t easy and will require funds. Plan ahead and paint a clear picture of the future of your consultancy business.


  • Develop An Online Presence

It’s always been preached that every business should have a website. Your consulting brand needs a website to display all about your services. It’s very important in your marketing strategy. The goal of your advertising is to get prospects to visit your website and book some time with you.

You should ensure that your website design correlates with your consulting brand. Once visitors scan through your site, they should easily deduce what your business is all about. Pay serious attention to your website’s graphic design and also, your marketing copy should effectively communicate your brand’s identity.

  •  Create A Sales Strategy

Every business needs customers. You have to spend time brainstorming ways for you to land clients. You need a sales plan aimed at attracting and ultimately, closing clients. As a consultant, you have to sell yourself and your services. Develop your sales pitch and practice until it becomes a part of you. Make a list of everyday tactics that will help improve your marketing efforts.

  •  Market Your Services

If you don’t market your business, no one will. You can build a reputation by sharing your experience with so many people. You can offer free limited consulting services so prospects can have a taste of what you offer. Some of your clients can be gotten from industry events too. You should also take a look at content marketing. It’s very crucial for a consultancy business. Social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn would prove useful too. 


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