How To Make Money On Upwork In 2020


We all know about one of the top freelance marketplaces, Upwork.com. As long as you have skills and services to offer, you can make a decent income on the site. Not many people spend time on Upwork. They may try for a little while and give up after no success. It’s important that you understand the freelance platform that you are using so you can make the most out of it. Getting jobs on Upwork is almost like getting lots of followers on social media. If you know what to do, you definitely will achieve your goal. Here are strategies to help you get clients and make money on Upwork.

  • Choose a skill

You will succeed much easier on Upwork if you pick a skill and run with it. Don’t try to do everything. It’s best you become an expert in a particular niche. You want to be highly sought after by clients in a category. That way, you will get repeat clients who trust that you will deliver your best. For a start, stick to one or two skills and focus on getting reviews that will attract clients to you.

  • Create your profile

Your profile is very crucial to your success in Upwork. Every client who wants to hire you will check out your profile before they choose you. Make sure your job title is specific and easily communicates what you’re about. The description should include your experience and skills. You should mention every relevant detail that tells how good you are. If you wish, you can upload a video to Upwork where you talk about your skills or show samples of your work. 

  • Accept small jobs 

You may want to start getting big bucks for your work now but that rarely works until you have a fair amount of good reviews. High paying clients are very picky and they prefer to go for the best. To prove how good your skills are, you have to take on low-paying jobs at first. Even though it’s not much money, try to give your best and ensure that you get a good review. 

  • Send individual proposals

When a client posts a job offer, you can send him or her a proposal. You might have to send these to a lot of clients before you eventually get a response. Make sure you read and understand the task that needs to be done before pitching your service. Let the client know how you can help complete the task and the experience you have. You have to sound professional but convincing enough to get the client to contact you. 

  • Apply for jobs quickly

There are lots of freelancers on Upwork who apply to job offers as soon as they are posted. So you have to be fast in order to stand a chance. And this also means that you have to spend time on the platform. You should send proposals to jobs that were posted recently because that puts you in a better position to be seen.

  • Follow up your clients

This just goes to say that you should make them remember you. If a client contacted you and said nothing else after some days(or weeks), you can write a follow-up. Don’t be too pushy but be genuine and subtle. If it’s a client that you have already worked with, you can tell them that you are available for new jobs. Just something simple to remind them about you. 

  • Always do your best

You might put in extra effort to make sure that the client is satisfied with the work. If the client is happy, you will get more work in the future and also, great reviews. You really need those reviews because they can either make or mar your freelance business. So you have given it all you’ve got. 

  • Talk to the client

If you don’t effectively communicate with the client, you won’t understand what needs to be done. You have to know what you are supposed to do. This saves you from making mistakes. If anything isn’t clear to you, be sure to ask questions. Your client won’t be happy if you don’t deliver as expected so make sure you understand it well.

  • Then, aim for big jobs

So far you have good reviews on your Upwork profile, you should start increasing your rates and applying for high-paying projects. If you feel you are ready for more experienced jobs that pay well, go for it. Why play small when you can aim high?


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